8 Perks of Buying from A Dealership’s Top Salesperson


According to Edmunds 8 Reasons to Buy from a Car Dealer’s Top Salesperson, consumers ought to seek out a dealership’s #1 salesperson to ensure a great car buying experience. As the article states, there’s a reason why they’re on top of the leaderboard — “top salespeople tend to be pleasant, well-rounded employees who use their time wisely and focus on making customers happy.” They’re likely to demonstrate the following eight characteristics:


1. Personality: Top sellers are often friendly, easygoing people. In addition to selling the most cars, they tend to have high customer satisfaction scores and happy customers.

2. Persistent: Great salespeople are determined to get you what you need. They’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you’re satisfied with your product and experience.

3. Pushy: The term ‘pushy’ can carry a negative connotation. However, a bit of ‘pushy’ can be useful both in terms of helping a buyer to make a decision and in nudging management to accept a deal that might be less desirable.

4. Perceptive: The ability to pick up on a shopper’s signals and tailor a sales process accordingly helps to meet the individual shopper’s interests and needs.

5. Phone Savvy: Calling with a purpose and appropriate frequency is an art — top salespeople know the perfect balance. Keeping in contact after the deal is done will likely to inspire future referral business.

6. Presentation Skills: Top sellers take the time to fully demonstrate the products’ features. The better the product presentation is, the more likely the shopper will buy.

7. Prompt: Top producers are responsive. They get back to customers in a timely way, and they don’t leave them hanging.

8. Positive: There are challenging days at the dealership. The best salespeople provide a pleasant experience for the buyer, even when things aren’t going their way. Failing to do so can result in lost sale, lost referrals and negative online feedback.


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Mary Coyle

Mary Coyle

Mary Coyle is a licensed California real estate agent with experience selling in the highly competitive San Francisco Bay Area market. She has worked with McNair Group Real Estate Advisors, a boutique sales team within Coldwell Banker Previews International. In addition to selling real estate and caring for her four children, Mary enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics, not the least among which is the dynamic Silicon Valley housing market.