Reach150 joins forces with SmartZip

Six years ago, I founded Reach150 to help professionals who rely on relationships and referrals drive new business. Over that time, we have helped thousands of users collect and promote testimonials and user-generated content from their loyal customers.

This morning we announced that Reach150 is being acquired by SmartZip. SmartZip’s predictive marketing platform, SmartTargeting, helps clients identify and connect with potential new opportunities. The two solutions complement each other, and together will provide a comprehensive marketing platform to help our customers grow their business.

I am excited about the prospects of our joint solution, and I look forward to bringing our customers one system to identify, connect with, and win new and repeat business.

Follow this link to read the full press release about our acquisition by SmartZip.

Dan Hodges

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Reach150 helps you generate more referrals and close more business. We provide a single place to simply and systematically capture and distribute content that conveys your industry excellence and unique persona to the people you want to reach.